Holistic Hot Towel Facial

A holistic facial is different to a standard one; only the most natural of products will be used whilst attention is paid to relieve tension and stress within the muscles of the face, stress & tension that is carried within from day to day. 

After a consultation, you will be required to remove the top half of your clothing (in order to keep the neck & shoulders clear) and relax in the lounger.

Steps to the facial include:

  • Initial cleanse to remove any surface dirt/makeup

  • Deep cleanse, removing further engrained impurities

  • Tone

  • Exfoliation

  • Tone

  • Optional hot towel

  • Choice of Mask, depending on the needs of the skin

  • Hand, arm & head massage 

  • Massage of the face, decolletage, and shoulders

  • Optional hot towel

  • Tone

  • Moisturise

  • Close down of pores with a jade roller


Essential oils can be added to personalize the treatment & emphasise effectiveness at an additional £5 per treatment.

Pricing & Duration

Holistic hot towel facial - 60 minutes - £40 Per Session

Duration time includes consultation, wind down time & redress.

We do allow for overruns of 15 minutes and do not do back to back appointments to allow for this.