Ultimate Indian Head Massage

As our ultimate indulgent treat, we offer our Ultimate Indian Head Massage Package.

An ancient treatment incorporating pressure points and specific massage to the head, neck, shoulders, upper arms, and back.

It is both a relaxing and rejuvenation massage. Helping to relieve tension held in the back and shoulders, and the massage to the scalp helps with stimulating the hair follicles also assisting with easing tension and headaches/migraines.

After a consultation, you will be required to remove the top half of your clothing and offered to relax on the heated bed.

The treatment will begin with a Hot Stones back, neck & shoulder massage, easing any stress & tension held in the muscles.


The massage will continue with pressure to your desired requirement, depending on your needs assessed through your consultation.


The treatment will continue to the neck, upper arms, and head. At this point you will be asked to turn over as the treatment will continue with massage to the head and acupressure and massage to the face and ears.

Essential oils can be added to personalize the treatment & emphasise effectiveness at an additional £5 per treatment.

Pricing & Duration 

Ultimate Indian head- 90 minutes - £60 Per Session

Duration time includes consultation, wind down time & redress.



We do allow for overruns of 15 minutes and do not do back to back appointments to allow for this.